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CircO2 helping the body boost Nitric Oxide

CircO2 for Healthy Circulation helping the body boost Nitric Oxide

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Nitric Oxide Indicator Strips
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Test your Nitric Oxide Levels

Two Patent-Pending Nitric Oxide Indicator Strips
come in every box of CircO2. The results are visible
evidence that when you stick to
a daily regimen of CircO2,
your body begins producing more nitric oxide.


NLogix Labs is dedicated to nitric oxide research and generating awareness of this amazing molecule. Restoration is critical for adults over 40, and we have invested heavily in product innovations that effectively help the body increase nitric oxide in people that need it the most. We are first and foremost, science and evidence based. Our products represent over 10 years of pre-clinical and clinical research at a major university and are based on Nobel Prize-winning technology. Our commitment to developing nitric oxide products that WORK and are SAFE truly sets us apart.